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About the Challenge

UN Global Pulse & Western Digital Corporation have joined forces to demonstrate that data-driven innovation can transform how society approaches one of the biggest issues we face today — climate change. By connecting data scientists to new sources of data, the Challenge will catalyze innovation in climate action and reveal the power of data analytics to support global initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by world leaders.


To find out more information on the Challenge, visit

Applications are Now Closed for the Climate Action Challenge

Over the next few weeks, the Challenge team will be reviewing the applications and determining the semi-finalists.


An innovation initiative of the UN Secretary-General, Global Pulse sees a future in which big data is harnessed safely and responsibly as a public good, offering a better understanding of changes in human well-being and real-time feedback on policy.

Our mission is to accelerate the discovery, development and adoption of data science innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

Western Digital is the largest data storage company in the world. As an industry-leader, Western Digital understands the power and possibilities that data creates and is passionate about leveraging data as a catalyst for innovation and change. Under its #DataMakesPossible initiative, Western Digital has partnered with UN Global Pulse to launch the Data for Climate Action Challenge that connects data scientists, researchers and innovators with privacy-protected datasets from around the world to help mitigate climate action.