• Joe Breher

    Fact #1 seems puzzling to me for several reasons.
    First, my experience with virtual worlds indicates that comprehensive fine-grained mapping is a useless objective. From a second-order approximation, things move. As an example, a dumpster might be placed in a street. What benefit does mapping to 10 cm provide in relation to 4 m precision in the face of such changes?
    Second, even if that were a goal, Maps won’t be real-time to that scale. DigitalGlobe does not provide such fine-grained accuracy, and I find it unlikely that even NSA or NRO has such capability.
    Next, in order to deal with the dynamic nature described above, the ‘last mile’ (OK, it’s an analogy – actually the last bit from dozens of meters to millimeters) will need to be handled by onboard sensors anyway.
    Last, while I don’t know if it is still the case, the DoD actually obfuscates the precision of GPS for public use. The precision inherent in the GPS system is therefore unavailable to the public at large. Last I looked (admittedly several years ago), this intentional fuzzing was down to the handful of meter range.