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February 9, 2017


If the oft-misunderstood Data could speak, it would want to explain itself. It would want you to understand everything it could possibly do, from predicting droughts to optimizing vehicle traffic patterns. Previously sealed away in paper books, Data has been brought to life through technology and is now within reach. With Data, the greatest feats in history can be achieved.

Our new video gives this powerful and transformational force a voice.

In general, are you concerned or optimistic about how data is being used today?

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  • Kris Sbarbaro

    I voted optimistic! Yes, lots of pitfalls, but, I think we can overcome them through regulation, technology and willingness. We can’t allow fear to impede progress. Great video. I kind of wonder what Star Trek’s data would say to data data!

  • I’m pretty concerned, but I’m trying to be optimistic. I think the fairly steady news about security breaches involving personal data feed that concern. Once we can get a handle on that problem we can dive right into this and I won’t be so concerned.